Fundamentally we are creatures of our Earth, yet we are comprised of the same material as the cosmos surrounding us. So what does that make us really? Are we truly earth-bound, or is it just a state of mind? Through my work, I strive to create imagery reminiscent of the resplendent environment we experience here, but with obscurities which I imagine other worlds to possess. To the viewer, the scenes I paint are meant to appear familiar while exciting the cosmic particles within.
Through repetitious studies of the mathematical formations in plant life as well as continuous analysis of the changing atmosphere around us I take in our environment through my senses, and then expel the feelings on to canvas. Layer by layer of paint, the scenes take formation over time in a system similar to how our environment is comprised.
It is my hope that the viewer of the work feels inclined to step into another world, not like our own, but similar in extraordinary energy, and feel at home.