Counted to the Sky
Counted to the Sky / 42” x 60” / Acrylic on Wood Panel
kOOL / 28” x 36” / Acrylic on Wood Panel
Atmosphere Downs
Atmosphere Downs / 36” x 48” / Acrylic on Wood Panel
You're Fun
You’re Fun / 22” x 26” / Acrylic on Wood Panel
Just Lucky
Just Lucky / 20” x 24” / Acrylic on Wood Panel
Aphedra / 30” x 30” / Acrylic on Wood Panel
Heart Math
Heart Math / 29”x 48” / Acrylic on Wood Panel
Purple Percipitation
Purple Percipitation / 29” x 48” / Acrylic on Wood Panel

In my work, I develop a perspective that fuses the close-up and the far-off. Similar patterns and forms can be found through a microscope as through a telescope, we may be looking from inside cells or outside the galaxy. The particles and energy are the same. This is true between gases, liquids, and solids as well as the alchemical process I use to create my paintings. I seek to unify my work and possible interpretations, around the common elements and makeup of all things and spaces, inside us in small scale, and around us at large.
Working often in large scale, my work is frequently related to windows or doorways; a viewer should be able to enter a visual world whose borders are wider than their own frame. Although I avoid obvious patterns or lines, there are underlying mathematical formations throughout our surroundings and I strive to reflect these in otherwise amorphous and intuitive forms. Particles in all matter have precise geometries, as do cells in plants and animals. Similarly vapours and liquids, whose overall shapes are without definition, are determined and patterned by their innate molecular structures.
Building my imagery through layer upon layer of colour and texture is a response to the changing present, even the changing physical atmosphere in my studio. Time is an essential element in my process and only through repeated passes over the composition can I see its direction and nature. I approach its formation responsively, inspired by the ways in which weather, geographic movements, and elements themselves form scenes in our environment.
Our actual surroundings are replete with the wondrous and inspiring, and I consistently return to nature as a model. My goal is to tilt the system as I interpret it, to include my own idiosyncrasy and impulse towards new systems. I strive to create imagery reminiscent of the resplendent environment we experience here but with obscurities which I imagine other worlds to possess. To the viewer, my works are meant to appear familiar while exciting the cosmic particles within. This approach responds to, and prompts, some of my most fundamental questions about ourselves and our place. Where do the physical self and the unconscious-self reside? Does the universe make us or do we make it? My paintings are not an answer, but more a sustained response. They emerge from me and inform me. I apply energy to them, and they in turn reflect and further inspire this energy. This remains a common and consistent element in my work. Energy exists in perpetuity; however, it transforms and recombines through the atoms it inhabits. I want to invite a sense of place inside it, whether this is real or imagined, shared or private, or both.
Something difficult to name stays with us in the memory of evening light, or the lingering tension of a storm. Something that charges our connection in the moment, storing up a lasting resonance and return. There is something similar in a work of art that strikes us. I seek to find those centres of colour, movement, and space that trigger our deepest response, both in our real world and in imagined dimensions. It is my hope that if this work can transport us away, it can, in doing so, bring us more keenly here.