Growing up in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, Katherine’s artistic journey started at a very young age. The natural British Columbia landscape served both as a mentor and an inspiration in her artistic growth and development.
Finding a strong rooting and appreciation of nature was further nurtured by Katherine’s love of travelling. While abroad, Katherine had the opportunity to meet talented artists across the globe who served both as mentors and muses in the development of the techniques and skills that she currently employs in her paintings, sketches and photography. Constantly growing and exploring, Katherine is always experimenting with other forms and mediums – be it pottery to wood block printing.
The inspiration and intentionality in Katherine’s work directly stems from her love of nature, and her dedicated passion in ensuring that the viewer has an immersive experience and is able to find and connect with the work from a shared wavelength of joie de vivre.
Her paintings skills are complemented with a solid design and construction background. These abilities which have been refined over fifteen years contribute to her ability to project manage and execute large art installations with ease.
A staunch advocate in the sustainability of our ecological environment. Katherine is a firm believer in adopting a lifestyle that is respectful, sustainable, and mindful of the landscapes we live in.

Katherine Gordon