This summer, an industry leader in Landscape Architecture commissioned a large painting for his impressive office space. The complexity of the planning and design process for this endeavour quickly overtook my enthusiasm and I knew I had to get to work on the logistics of the project!

Along with painting and the artistic process, designing structures such as boats and houses has been a significant preoccupation throughout my life.Years of training and experience in residential architecture and interior study has been very helpful with the planning, colouration and composition of my paintings. Now, with a large commission on the horizon I’m able to utilize these skills even further by modelling and creating visualization tools for new and prospective installations.

Shown below are renderings of the reception area with a variation of canvas sizes. Images are provided to ensure the art piece is the desired size and scale for the space. This drawing process also helps me consider any unforeseen installation issues before they happen. I like a seamless delivery!

paul 4

Seeing the painting from different angles helps the client select potential canvas configuration.


A new skylight will be installed over the artwork.

paul 1


paul 3



Stay tuned for the completed piece, in about five months!



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