Born and raised in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, Katherine began painting and drawing at the age of two. Being the daughter of avid travelers and teachers, Katherine spent countless hours on the road and in the air as her family headed to the next remote destination. This travel time was always made enjoyable by focusing on sketching and drawing. As the hours passed, her skills improved and so did her commitment to her art. While traveling, Katherine had the rare opportunity to meet many talented artists who were often willing to teach a young fellow traveler precious tips and techniques that she still uses today in her paintings, sketches and photography.

Back in Canada, her education continued under various local artists. These artistic mentors taught her to experiment and study oil, watercolor and acrylic painting techniques. During her post secondary education, when not holding a drafting pencil, she was able to carve out time to study pottery and wood block printing.

Katherine paints mainly on commission, as she likes to know who the Art will belong to and how it will fit into the desired space. Her work is displayed in various homes throughout Vancouver, Canada.

Katherine currently works in the custom home building industry specializing in architectural and interior design.